Functional Résumés

Before you begin constructing your résumé, remember that organization, style, format, content should reflect you in the most positive manner. Above all else, you should be happy and comfortable with your résumé, so make sure you are proud of what you send out to employers.

What is a Functional Résumé?

The functional résumé highlights the skills and abilities that you have gained not only from your work experience, but also any other activities and involvement. This format does not focus on detailed descriptions of positions, but on accomplishments and skills you have acquired. Experiences and places of employment with dates are listed in a separate section of the résumé. If you have gained skills that would be easily transferred to the position for which you are applying, the functional résumé might be the right format.

Advantages to Functional Résumés

This résumé format highlights your skills in a targeted fashion toward a desired position, is easy to read, and doesn’t draw attention to a lack of or gaps in employment history.

Sample Functional Résumé (PDF)