On-Campus Employment

There are many part-time job opportunities both on campus and in the local Columbia community. Campus jobs are particularly advantageous because of their convenient location, supportive supervisors, and focus on student development.

Types of Campus Jobs

Work Study: Federal Work Study (FWS) is designed to give part-time employment to undergraduate and graduate students who need the income to help meet the costs of their education. MU Student Financial Aid determines eligibility and allocates Work Study funds to students. The MU Career Center helps students find and apply for Work Study positions.

Part-Time (non-work study): On-campus, part-time jobs can be temporary or long-term employment opportunities working for a department in a variety of roles such as customer service, retail, sales, office support and more. Available positions can be found on the employment website, HireMizzouTigers.com, powered by Handshake.

Internships: Internships are a form of experiential learning that integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.

Campus internships can be paid or taken for academic credit.  As an intern you gain valuable hands-on experience, make connections with professionals, explore career paths, and assess your career goals. To learn more about where you can find internships, view our online resources and explore internship vacancies on HireMizzouTigers.com.

Searching & Applying for Jobs

HireMizzouTigers.com is a free employment site available to all MU students and alumni. Campus employers are directed to advertise their part-time positions on this website.* In addition to part-time jobs, you can find listings for internships and full-time jobs, review a list of career events, and sign up for employer interviews.

  • More than 165 campus departments and divisions actively promote their part-time jobs and internships on Handshake.
  • The interface is a mobile-friendly, intuitive site that’s a fusion of Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Handshake recommends potential events, jobs and employers based on your career interests, search history and connections.
  • The site helps you build out a rich profile to help stand out to employers.


*Please note that students interested in healthcare jobs in MU hospitals and clinics must apply directly through MU Healthcare.

Benefits of Campus Jobs


Students who hold down part-time jobs have more money to support educational and living costs, learn how to effectively budget, and boost their confidence earning a paycheck.

Career Exploration & Development

Part-time jobs often introduce students to a preferred career after graduation, providing valuable hands-on work experience and key connections in a chosen field. Work experience also helps students learn about the things that they do (and don’t) want to do in a future career.

Connection to Campus

Campus jobs are a great way to make strong connections with faculty, staff and other students. You can cultivate a network of caring support and friendships to strengthen your Mizzou experience.

Understanding Employers

Campus employers understand that employees’ primary responsibility is being a student. While you will have to meet expectations of your position, supervisors are flexible and want you to be academically successful.

Skill Development

Campus jobs help you develop transferable skills which are skills that transfer from one environment to another. Examples include time management, communication abilities, work ethic, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and more. Transferable skills greatly enhance your job prospects and employability.

Competitive Edge

Students that hold a job while in school demonstrate a high level of maturity, responsibility, and time management. The vast majority of employers value students with some work experience whether or not it’s related to their future career.