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Getting Started

Hire Mizzou Tigers is a FREE employment website that connects talented student and alumni job seekers to employers looking to recruit interns, part-time, and full-time hires.

Job Seekers can:

  • Search job postings (full-time, part-time, internship, campus, seasonal, and graduate assistantships)
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews
  • Browse the employer directory
  • RSVP to career fairs and events

Current Student Registration

New to the site? Register here and enter your University Pawprint and Password.

Complete your profile and upload a résumé to receive full access to the site. You will only have access to part time jobs until your résumé is approved by a staff member *.

Alumni Registration

New to the site? Register here to begin your profile and upload a résumé.

You will need your former MU student ID number to register on Hire Mizzou Tigers. If your ID was a 6 digit number, add 2 leading zeros to enter as an 8-digit number or enter your updated ID as provided by the Registrar. Can’t remember? Contact the University Registrar for ID info requests.

How To Use Hire Mizzou Tigers

Watch the Hire Mizzou Tigers How-To Videos to learn how to register a profile, search job postings, upload documents, browse the employer directory, sign up for on-campus interviews, RSVP to career events, and more!

The Activation Process

When you first register on Hire Mizzou Tigers, you will be asked to complete a user profile and upload a résumé. A completed profile allows you to search for part-time jobs on the site. You will need an approved résumé to access all other features, like searching for full-time jobs or applying to jobs directly through Hire Mizzou Tigers.

Once a résumé is uploaded to the site, you will receive an e-mail saying you either have an active status OR that some key corrections should be made to the résumé before we activate your profile. Please note that this e-mail will be sent within 5-7 business days.

* If you have not received an e-mail after 7 business days, please contact the appropriate Career Services office. Once a profile is activated, you have access to all jobs, interview schedules, and more.

For more information regarding job seeker responsibilities, Hire Mizzou Tigers expectations, internship guidelines, please see our Job Seeker Guidelines.