Cover Letter

Always include a cover letter with your résumé so that you can introduce yourself and explain your purpose for writing the employer. Your cover letter should address three major points: the position for which you are applying, how you are uniquely qualified for the position, and demonstrate your knowledge of and interest in the employer, position and industry.

Cover letters should entice the employer to want to learn more about you and can make a positive impression by showcasing your knowledge about the company and its mission. Cover letters are also a way to showcase your written communication skills.

Generally, your cover letter should be a single page and we recommend it include a header similar to your resume (name and contact info). If sending electronically, you may attach your cover letter or paste it into the body of your email.

For more information on cover letters please read our Guide to Cover Letters & Employer Communication or review one of the following samples:

Additional Business Communication

Communicating effectively with potential employer is extremely important to be successful in your job search.  All employers value those who can communication clearly and professionally, so make sure you carefully craft and review your emails, LinkedIn messages, and thank you notes.