Private Households

Thank you for your interest in recruiting Mizzou students! To recruit students for part-time jobs in your home, such as personal attendants, babysitters, or tutors, we ask that you complete the following job request form.  The MU Career Center will post your position to Handshake, a new recruiting platform we recently released. Rather than having you create and manage an employer profile and job vacancies, the MU Career Center will now manage these for you!

Posting Jobs

Submit Request Form

Please complete the online job request form which will submit your posting to our staff via email. We will notify you when the position is posted on Handshake (which takes 1-3 business days).  Positions are posted for 8 weeks unless you indicate otherwise.

Please be aware that in Handshake, private households will be referred to collectively as “Mid-Missouri Private Households.” Your position will be named using this format: “Household Name – Job Title.”  Applicants will contact you directly and you may also receive notifications of resume submissions through Handshake.

Job Descriptions and Wages

We encourage employers to include specific job descriptions and key details such as wage, hours, schedules, etc. The more information you  provide, the better the student response.  Additionally, private households are not legally required to pay the state minimum wage, but we strongly encourage them to pay similar earnings. The MU Career Center retains the right to deny postings that pay substantially below the minimum wage.


Updating Job Posting

Please contact the MU Career Center at 573.884.6317 or if you have any edits to make to your job posting. We can also take the position offline when it is filled or extend the expiration date if you are still seeking applicants. Please be aware that you will not receive an email expiration notice.

Re-posting a Job

To re-post a position, simply email our office ( and reference your full name, email and job title. If anything has changed regarding your position (hours, schedule, wage, duties, etc.) please fill out the online job request form (linked above).